Summer 2017 Video Now Out!

I am finally proud to say that after some issues with copyrighted music and viewing restrictions I was able to release and upload this summers edit from my time in Spain. I was overall really happy with the results and am happy to be able to showcase it.

If you would like to see the video I will add a link to the youtube video below. Be sure to subsribe and let me know if you enjoy the videos or would perhaps like to see more!

Interview with Photography TV

Back in March, I got in contact with Paul Fontanelli via email asking if he would be interested to have a chat and possibly do an interview about what it is like being a young creative etc and to my surprise, later on, I got a reply saying he loved the idea and would be delighted to!

Paul has just begun his Youtube Channel Photography TV and has interviewed many other photographers such as

- Lee Morris, Nick Page, Thomas Heaton and David Hurley to name a few. My aim when going into the interview was to talk a bit about my story when starting out and try to help others in my position. Overall it was a really great experience and I can't wait to work with Pail in the future.

Here is the video be sure to have a watch and I hope you can learn something.


Extra Hours - Leo Molyneux Short Film

- The initial idea - 

had had this idea a few weeks ago from speaking to my friend (Leo M) in a PE video as we thought up this cool idea and had not been able to get the idea out of my head since. I kept getting new ideas for shots and wanted to shoot it as soon as possible.

I had quite a few things to get sorted such as timings, gear, lighting and a venue. Whilst it took me a while to find a venue which was cheap, had the right light and was available, I eventually managed to book out Ashton court Sports Center Sports Hall which ended up being perfect and just what I was looking for,

- Leo Molyneux -

I and Leo are good friends and we actually ended up thinking up this idea during a PE lesson. Leo is a County U15's basketball player and is a very talented basketball player. It was fun to think up these cool shots and plan out each move. I had created a shot list mentally and knew how I wanted each shot to roughly look when we got to film. 

- Editing and Filming -

Quick Tip! 

When shooting video, using a skateboard can help simulate smooth slider shots but id possible, use soft long board wheels for better results!. 

Most of the shots were filmed with the Sigma 20mm ART which I hired so get some really nice wide shots on the shoot. I also used a simple caddie and skateboard to try and get the most stable shots possible and then when in post, stabilised the footage where I could. In post, my job was tough, as finding the right music and timing it all together, 

 . Whilst I am fairly new to video and still have much to learn, overall, I am very happy with how the shoot turned out and I can't wait to perhaps start a project from this or continue to experiment with video and see what I can create. 

- The Final Video - 

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