summer shoots

Joe Holiday Mountain Biking Shoot

Mountain Biking is a sport I have never photographed before and so I knew this quick shoot with Joe was going to be a challenge but also a great chance to grab some experience. Joe is a friend of mine who is a talented rider and him and I have often spoken in school about arranging a shoot and getting some shots of him on the trails.

I was going in blind to this shoot, something which I like to try and avoid usually if possible as was this a bigger shoot I would've liked to scout the trails before to find the angles but actually the fact that this was so new to me actually may have been a good thing as it forced me to think creatively and adapt.

Overall the shoot was good fun, I found the hardest part is effectively isolating joe on his bike in the air and ensuring that the shrubbery surrounding was not too distracting. However, that said I'm quite happy with the results and I've defiantly learnt a lot should I do a shoot similar to this in the future.


Outdoor Portrait Shoot - Anya, Niamh and Ruby.

Sunday 23rd may 2016

This is a very quick recent shoot that I was asked to do for three friends. I didn't have any initial ideas before the shoot and considering this, It went very well.

Our first location was in a car park on the top floor, there were some nice railing on the side that I would be able to use as leading lines towards the models. The light on the roof, however, was very harsh it was a sunny and cloudy day so I used a diffuser and reflector to help soften the light.

Our second location was In a small park that we found. It was partially in shade and had very nice, even grass and vibrant colours that were very nice to shoot with. We incorporated flowers into the shoot to give some of the photos a summer look. Again, the reflector was the only light adaptor used.

-The Models-

-The Final Shots-

Below is a gallery of the majority of the final shots from the shoot.