Powder Paint Photo Shoot -

I have had the idea to do a shoot like this for a very long time and have done shoots similar to this in the past with flour and fire but, I wanted to try a similar technique with lots more colour.

Will was easy to work with and overall it was a fun, creative and exciting shoot.
— Caston

This shoot was in a way build up to a big shoot with lots of people that I have planned and I wanted to try and see what worked and what didn't in this shoot so that I can improve it before the final shoot.

We began the shoot with some of the shots on a skateboard as that as one separate idea that I had thought of but towards the end we switched and focused on the colour portraits. 

- The Models -

- Quick Tip -

When shooting these kinds of situations, with smoke, flour or powder paint in the shot, use a speed light to backlight the powder so that it pops more from the model and is brighter. It can also help define the edges of the models face a bit more.

I bought 12 packs of bright neon coloured powder paint and mixed them with a bit of regular flour to dilute it a bit. I had two people throw the powder from behind the model so that it gave an explosive look behind their heads. 


Portrait Shoot with Mo

I shot this in my back lane behind my house for a friend of mine who wanted some photos. I wanted to try and use the lane and a have very shallow depth of field to really push back and blow out the background. It was a very quick and simple shoot so that he could have some photo to put online.

It was a cloudy day with spots of the sunshine so all I really used was a reflector as I had no one hold a diffuser even though it was barely needed throughout the shoot. I also used a speedlight with a small octagon just to soften some of the fill light in the shots.


I also wanted to try a new technique in some of the photos of shooting all the way open at f/1.8 with just the eyes in focus. Focusing with such a thing line of focus and still getting good tac sharp was results was challenging but this is still a technique I can't wait to use again.

Quick tip

When shooting at such a shallow depth of field, the majority of the time there may be too much light hitting the sensor especially if you are stuck behind your flash sync speed of 1/250th. A way of counteracting this is by using an ND filter. What an ND filter does, depending on its strength (1 = low 10 = high) is that It will cut down the amount of light that hits the sensor. In these images, I only used a 4 stop ND which was more than enough to still be able to see and still have the right exposure settings to get the photo I wanted. 

The final images.

Below is a gallery of the majority of the images from the shoot. Enjoy.


If you would like a photo shoot like this please feel more than welcome to contact me I am more than happy to answer any of you questions.

Urban Shoot with Jack Tomkins

Sunday 12th June 2016

Two days ago a friend of mine Jack Tomkins contacted me to arrange a photo shoot for him. My initial ideas were to use some of the spots I had used in the past for my photo shoots and go use those as they would give an urban look and feel to the final images.

On the day of the shoot, it was sunny with a few clouds so the lighting changed very quickly from overcast and soft light to sunny with hard shadows but to compensate, I used a diffuser and a reflector. 

- The Model -

Overall the shoot went very well I got the shots that I had in mind and I was very happy with the results.

The final shots 

Below is a gallery of the majority of the shots from the shoot. Feel free to contact me to arrange a photo shoot if you are interested in a portrait shoot. For more details visit the about page.