Urban Portrait Shoot - Ruby DR

This was a fun quick shoot I did around some new locations in town with a friend of mine who I have shot with before last year. I hadn't really had much time to 100% plan and scout a route for the shoot but, I had a few ideas as to where to shoot which worked very well in the end.  

- Model - 

Overall the shoot went really well, it was fun short and I was glad to be able to get out and grab some new images while I could. The weather wasn't great unfortunately, mostly dark and grey but that almost helped with the look I was going for!

- The Final Images -

Tom Rendall Pt Troop Bristol

This was the Second Shoot that I did for PT Troop who are building their new website and are taking their business to the next level by building their online presence. 

I was briefed a few days before the shoot and I began thinking as to what type of images I was going to take. I shot two days after on Wednesday and arrived at about 4:30pm to set up for the portraits.

I wanted to capture the trainers looking smiley and approachable and overall I am quite happy with the results from the day. 

- The Final images - 

Urban Portrait Shoot - Lucy and Issy

We both really enjoyed the shoot with Will. He made everything feel so relaxed and comfortable despite our nerves beforehand. Will is extremely easy to work with and produced brilliant pictures.

This was a shoot I arranged as I wanted to get out and get some new images and try some new techniques and overall, I ended up getting some of my favorite portraits to date! I had gone out before the shoot and had planned a series of locations around Bristol harbor side. I asked two freinds of mine if they would help out and model for me.

- The Models - 

- Quick Tip -

Using Prisms or prism paper and holding it up to the lens can help give unique colors and effects to your images.

- The Final Images -

Overall, I am really really happy with the images from the shoots as I tired few techniques and tried to focus on trying new and different poses and used small sheets of prism paper to create interesting techniques.

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Blue Bell Woods Portrait Shoot

This was a paid shoot I did over half term and i decided to use the woods as our location as the blue bells were in perfect season. I chose prior woods as our shooting location and arrived two hours before the shoot to scout locations for the shoot. 

I really enjoyed having my photos taken by Will. He made me feel at ease straight away with his warm and friendly approach. He made me laugh a lot and was very professional. My Mum and I are both really pleased with the results! Thank you Will. Best of luck in your path, you are very talented, polite and pleasant to work with and we enjoyed meeting you.
— Tally (model) and Maryam (Mother)

- The Final Images - 

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Outdoor Street Portrait Photoshoot

This was a shoot I did with a group of friends as I wanted to get out and find locations and shoot to get some new images whilst I had time. I had gone out a few weeks before to scout locations for the shoot but also used new places that we thought looked interesting whilst walking about.

- The Models -

We shot around Bristol City centre near Park Street. It was an overcast day with a bit of sun which provided us with perfect light meaning the only light modifier I had to use was a reflector to add a little extra boost in the images. 

- The Final Images - 

The Groomsmiths Barbers Photoshoot

I really enjoyed having will around, the photoshoot was conducted in a professional manner and everything ran smoothly from, start to finish. I can highly recommend Will to anyone who is thinking of capturing the image and identity of their business. I hope to work with him again in the near future
— Valon ( Barber )

This was a shoot that neither I or the customer had planned nor arranged it was all simply down to being lucky to meet each other at the right place and the right time.

I was down in London from Friday the 19th to the 21st with my family just spending some time together and we went down to Borough Market to spend the afternoon. I wanted to try and take some photos for the "Passing Time" photo project. I was out shooting setting up and framing my shot when I met Valon Sadiku (Barber).

Valon has been a Barber for 18 years and has just opened his a new barber shop in an alleyway off the market. He stopped me we talked for a while I gave him my card and said I'd be more than happy to help him out in getting some images of him. his colleagues and the new shop.

- Quick Tip - 

When shooting photos like this for clients, try taking a series of images that show some sort of story. I always like to include the People, Wide, Tights and Detail Shots. That way I have series of images that all bind to tell a story.

My goal on this shoot was to see what the Valon wanted his images to look like and also tell some sort of photo story that showed the shop in the best light possible

Below are some of the best images from the shoot. 

- The Groomsmith Barbers - 

5 Green Dragon-court 

Se1 9AW



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Outdoor Portrait Shoot Bristol Harbour - Anya Wheatley

 On this shoot, I wanted to get some new portraits and just get out and shoot and stay creative. I went to a few locations around the centre of Bristol and near the harbour. 

- The Model -

- Quick Tip -

When working in working in mixed lighting condition on a shoot, meter and expose your shots for the highlights and bring back the shadows in post instead. However don't do this to much when shooting at a higher ISO's as you can introduce a lot of noise in the shadows. 

I wanted the shots to have a natural look and feel and I tried to use some of the natural warm light thatwas coming off teh sun as it set towards the end of the shoot. 



- Final Images -

Urban shoot with Scarlett Last

As I will be away for Christmas and won't be able to shoot and edit as often, I thought it would be a good idea to get in a shoot and work with the new lens before travelling!

- Quick Tip -

Check the weather before the shoot! Overcast days usually work best on outdoor shoots as the light is nice and soft so no harsh shadows. And, with a reflector, the light is easy to work with. 

I wanted to try more of an urban type shoot so I went out the day before and cycled to find different locations that we could shoot at. All were relatively close to each other. We started the shoot at 9:30am as I was travelling on the same day as the shoot meaning I would not have much time to shoot and then edit.

- Model and Assistant -

Overall it was a very fun and quick shoot that allowed me to try different techniques and establish my style more and more!

- The Final Images -

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Outdoor Portrait Shoot - Anya and Poppy

I enjoyed the shoot not only because the images turned out really well but because will was easy to work with and made it an enjoyable eperience overall!
— Anya Wheatley

I recently was hired to do a shoot for some friends of mine and we decided on an indoor type shoot with one or two shots outside. My initial idea was to do some shots inside in a kitchen and then move out to a cafe and outdoors where we would shoot some different styled shots. 

This was also my first shoot with my new Sigma 50-100 F1.8 lens so it was interesting to challenge myself and see  how it performed in a real world situation!

- The Models -

- Quick tip -

When shooting with models, make sure you are relaxed, fun and help them with posing. By being confident behind the camera your models will feel more comfortable resulting in better images!  

It was a very dark and rainy day on the shoot meaning I had to push the camera to high ISO's, low apertures and slightly slower shutter speeds than usual. However, overall, the shoot was very fun and the images turned out great Anya and poppy were a pleasure to work with .

- The Final Shots -

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Autumnal Portrait Shoot -

Shot on the 8th of October

This shoot was a shoot I did just to practise some composition techniques and just to get out and practise shooting to get some colourful portraits. 

Autumn is one my favourite times of year to shoot portraits, the light and colours are just perfect and in this shoot, I wanted to use those factors to get some stunning images.

- The Models -

My light modifiers in this shoot were simply a white and silver 110cm Neewer reflector and a diffuser. In the day of the shoot, the light was mixed between cloudy and harsh light so every now and then I would have to use my diffuser to soften the highlights on the models face. 

- Tips for Composing your Portraits -

One of the most important things to Understand that can lead to stunning portraits, light and expression aside, is composition.

When shooting, I look for these three things that can help create a visually pleasing and successful composition.

Leading Lines- Look for lines when shooting and use them in your shot to draw into your subject. This can be as simple as a wall, bench or railing.

The Rule Of Thirds - The Rule Of Thirds is also a key and very effective composition technique. By composing your image with the key part of it near/ in one of the 4 crosses, the eye is drawn into the key part of the image more.

Top Third -  When shooting a portrait that focuses a lot on the model's expression and face, you should try and place your model's eyes just above the centre line of the image to create a more flattering portrait.

- The Final Shots -

Below is a gallery including some of the best shots from the day.

Studio Head Shots With Scarlett -

I wanted to try a new lighting technique in this shoot. I wanted to try a new and different style of lighting with only two lights ( strobe and a speed light. I am still relatively new to shooting with studio lights, however, I wanted to try and shoot some shallow depth of field headshots at >F/2.5 with just the eyes sharp and the rest of the image falling away.

- The Model - 

- Quick Tip -

When lighting a model, try and avoid long shadows across the face as it can distort the face. Keep your shadows soft and if you can fill them in with a reflector to get a nicer look.

I shot a two light set up for this shoot, My key light was a Godox DE300 strobe with a beauty dish and a honeycomb grid up in front of the model and I placed my fill light (Speedlight) light on the floor in front of the model to fill in some of the shadows formed under her nose and neck.

I found that when shooting at F/2.5 and lower it is so easy to move and miss focus off of the eyes. When shooting that low of an aperture you have such a thin line of focus that even things like the model breathing or any camera movement could throw it out of focus. If I was to shoot again next time I would definitely use a tripod.

- The Final Shots -

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The Fish Markets Shoot

Shot on the 27th of August-

The shoot began at 6:30am in the south of Spain in Huelva. It was a half an hour walk to where I had to go to see the fishermen loading their boats before sunrise.

My goal for the shoot was to tell a small photo story of the fishermen's life and them loading their boats and taking them out to collect their nets that had all their fish in it. Then after that, the fish is taken into the market to be sold early in the morning. 

When I arrived on location at the beach I caught the first of the fishermen starting the engines and pushing their boats out to sea. I wanted to arrive a bit before the sunrise so that as I began to shoot the light would be warm and soft but I had no luck as the light from the sunrise was mostly covered by haze and clouds meaning I had to shoot at very high ISOs for the first part of the shoot.

click to see the full size image!

- Quick Tip -

When shooting at high ISOs and dark light if your lens is struggling to focus in  darkness, switch it into manual focus and place a small light on your subject to get your focus locked in!

By 7:15 the boats were out and the fishermen were out of view. I had an hour to kill on the beach before they would come back and unload the fish. 8;00 am and the sun was up and as the boats came in I was ready waiting to get the shots of them coming in. They unloaded the boats and spend hours carefully untangling the fish fro the nets and placing them into buckets to be taken to the market 

Once I arrived at the market at 9:00 I started shooting and was trying to get a shot of when they cut up the fish and start shouting to draw attention to their stands. I got low and shot wide trying to make the fish and workers look a bit bigger.

Overall, It was a very fun and challenging shoot, I f you would like to see all of the images, head on over to this gallery,

Blue Bell Shoot - Leigh Woods .

Saturday 7th May 2016

Blue Bell Shoot 

This was a shoot that I had been wanting to do for a very long time now, but I had to wait for a time that blue bells were in season as they were the key point of what I would base this shoot around.

I already had a few rough ideas in my head as to what the shots would look like, but for the most part of the shoot we just walked through the woods and found locations that we thought would look good to shoot in.

We shot in Leigh Woods. I had heard and seen that there were lots of blue bells there and it wasn't too far for any of us to get there. Fortunately we got lucky with the weather, as although it had been raining all day before the shoot, it was meant to clear up and luckily, it did. I wanted to shoot in the late afternoon at about 5 o'clock so that the light would be softer. This worked very well meaning that the only light modifiers I really had to use were reflectors and a diffuser to avoid harsh shadows.

-The Models-

-The Final Shots-

Overall, the shoot went very well and the shots that I had in mind came out nicely. Below are the majority of the images from the shoot. 

The Mirror Shoot

Tuesday 6th April 2016

The Initial Idea 

The idea originally came from a shot that I took In summer (Under Best of the Best Gallery), However, I wanted to elaborate on the idea and try something different with the same idea. 

I started by thinking of how I could apply the same concept of the illusion but with a more elaborate shot. I decided to try the shot with more than one mirror, kind of like a group shot . I started off with wanting to have 5 mirrors and people for the shoot so that the composition would not be even or symmetrical however,  I only used 4 in the final image.


After I had thought through the ideas, I had to scout a location that had the appropriate lighting and crucially, the right type of background that would help pull off the illusion. I finally found a location that I thought would work and wasn't too far away. We waited for 4 weeks until the weather was right and a day that everyone was available.

- The Models -


Creating the Illusion 

To create the illusion with the mirrors, I had to find the correct background and then once the shoot was finished the local adjustments in post to the images In Adobe Lightroom, I Put the files into photoshop and began cloning the background into the mirror and replacing the mirrors reflection bit by bit making sure that it lined up to the background to give the illusion. The shots below are the single shots I took before attempting the group shot. I shot these at 1/80 F.9 ISO 125 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 ).




Overall, the editing planning and shooting probably took a total of 13 hours from start to finish and a very success full shoot overall.


The Final Shot 

The Mirror Shoot                                                                                                                                                                         1/50, ISO 125 , F.14 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 )