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Tom Rendall Pt Troop Bristol

This was the Second Shoot that I did for PT Troop who are building their new website and are taking their business to the next level by building their online presence. 

I was briefed a few days before the shoot and I began thinking as to what type of images I was going to take. I shot two days after on Wednesday and arrived at about 4:30pm to set up for the portraits.

I wanted to capture the trainers looking smiley and approachable and overall I am quite happy with the results from the day. 

- The Final images - 

Tom Rendal - PT Troop Personal Training Bristol

- Who are PT Troop? -

PT Troop is a group of personal trainers who offer a variety of activities from indoor gym training and weight loss to outdoor circuits and group activities. Having personally been trained by PT troop founder Tom Rendall in the past, I was delighted and eager to help him capture the hardworking and positive atmosphere they create. 

- The Shoots -

- Quick tip - 

I tried to shoot many of the exercise images wide to make the images look more dramatic. You can do this when shooting to try and make people or objects look larger. 

On the first day of the shoot, I arrived early morning on to begin shooting some of the first sessions of the day in the gym. We chose a day where we could have the biggest variety of types of sessions possible. I wanted to try and capture the trainers interacting and the hardworking yet positive atmosphere of the day. The lighting in the gym was varied and harsh throughout and subsequently, I ended up shooting with reflected flash for many of the shots. The day after the shoot, I got up early morning again to shoot the outdoor group sessions on the downs. 

Overall, the shoots went very well and I am happy with the given lighting and space.

- The Final Images -


- Why not promote your event or business the right way, with stunning photography covering every moment you remember? -

The Groomsmiths Barbers Photoshoot

I really enjoyed having will around, the photoshoot was conducted in a professional manner and everything ran smoothly from, start to finish. I can highly recommend Will to anyone who is thinking of capturing the image and identity of their business. I hope to work with him again in the near future
— Valon ( Barber )

This was a shoot that neither I or the customer had planned nor arranged it was all simply down to being lucky to meet each other at the right place and the right time.

I was down in London from Friday the 19th to the 21st with my family just spending some time together and we went down to Borough Market to spend the afternoon. I wanted to try and take some photos for the "Passing Time" photo project. I was out shooting setting up and framing my shot when I met Valon Sadiku (Barber).

Valon has been a Barber for 18 years and has just opened his a new barber shop in an alleyway off the market. He stopped me we talked for a while I gave him my card and said I'd be more than happy to help him out in getting some images of him. his colleagues and the new shop.

- Quick Tip - 

When shooting photos like this for clients, try taking a series of images that show some sort of story. I always like to include the People, Wide, Tights and Detail Shots. That way I have series of images that all bind to tell a story.

My goal on this shoot was to see what the Valon wanted his images to look like and also tell some sort of photo story that showed the shop in the best light possible

Below are some of the best images from the shoot. 

- The Groomsmith Barbers - 

5 Green Dragon-court 

Se1 9AW



If you would a shoot just like this to help promote your business or shop, then be sure to get in touch!