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Redland Green School Prom 2018

Last year for our year 10 sports dinner, I made a short fun video with some friends which went down really well on youtube. As a result, for this years year 11 prom I did the same thing and we made another short skit.

Similarly to last year, I filmed simply on my phone as it is more convenient and worked well as this year we did not end up having much time to film as we were in such a rush to get there but overall I am happy with the fun short video. Take a look! 

Have you seen last years video?

- Prom 2018 - 

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Redland Green Enrichment - Term 3

This was my Final Term of shooting for my school RGS with the aim of documenting a wide variety of images that show students working together and a variety of activities. It has been an amazing experience to work around and with the students and watch my images and the scheme progress. 

We approached Will having seen the quality of his photos, thought he could help us capture a new venture at school, our Enrichment Curriculum. We set Will the task of trying to epitomise the culture, creativity and energy of this new afternoon. He demonstrated the ability to be a superb self-starter, confident in his understanding of photography and with the skill of really putting people at ease he has captured some of the most genuine and captivating photos.
— Louise Blundell - Deputy Head RGS

-  Final Images  -

Have you seen the other images from Term 1 & 2? Take a look!

Redland Green School - Winter Theme Photography Competition

Back in November, we released the RGS winter photo competition and now the results are in and the judges have decided the winner. A huge thank you to everyone who has entered the competition, the quality of images entered by students was incredible! 

1st Place Winner-

A huge congratulations to Thomas Ormsby who was voted by the judges as first place winner in this terms photo competition! The judges said they love the low vantage point of the leaves and the atmosphere in the image od the image. Congratulations!

- 3 Runners Up -

Lulu Watts

Lulu Watts showed the judges their photographic talent with this stunning snowscape which placed as our first runner up. A very tough decision for me and the judges! Congratulations.

Nathan Cartlidge 

This image entered by Nathan Cartridge won itself a place as a runner place because the judges love the quality and colours of the image.


Stefan Henney 

Our final runner up chosen was Stefan Henney who's image impressed the judges with its wintery feel and intresting depth. 

Winter #1b.jpg

Another thank you to everyone to entered the competition including, 

Emily Spence

Stefan Henney 

Dominic Fonseka 

Nathan Cartlidge 

Lulu Watts 

Tomas Ormsby

Below is a gallery of the shortlisted images and the images entered. Have a look through and put who you think ahs the strongest image in the comments below! 

- Shortlist images and all Entrants - 

- People's Choice -

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Redland Green School Enrichment - Term 2


Over the course of this year, I have been working with my school and documenting the new "enrichment scheme" that has been put into place for students". My periods for shooting are split into 6 sections for each term and so far I have shot 2.

It has been really interesting and fun working with and around the school, students and staff challenging myself to capture creative and story telling images.

- The Events and Activities - 

RGS did an amazing job in creating a huge range of activities which I was lucky enough to be able to shoot. 

Golden Oldies -

Golden Oldies is an activity where a group of students go to a local retirement and spend time with some of the residents. It was really nice to spend time with people who had such amazing stories and were very interested in what I was doing! The lighting where I was shooting was even and soft meaning that my only main focus was on creating images that would show the students talking and having fun with the residents.

- Bouldering

Bouldering is one of the most active activities that students are offered with. We would go down to Bristol Clip n Climb and the Students would begin climbing according to their different strengths and abilities. Whilst shooting, it was interesting to find different angles and vantage points from where I would be able to get some creative shots.

- Quick Tip -

When shooting climbing, get all the way above your subject  and shoot down on them. This can really help you to get close to your subject and show focus. 

I had never shot climbing before and I definitely learnt a lot from shooting this activity. The lighting wasn't great and shooting above and down a wall is definitely an angle that I'd never thought about before but worked really well.


School Activities 

Alongside the off-site activities, I also wanted to document some of the many activities that took place in school. Some of the activities that I shot included, 

Young Enterprise -

Food For A Fiver -

Martial Arts -

Forensic Sciences -

Gardening -

Art and views from the school -

Below are a selection of the best photos from across al the activities- Enjoy!

- The Final Shots -