MacMillan Cancer Charity event-

Shot on 1st October 2016

I was recently hired to shoot a charity fundraising event that was set up with the aim to raise money in support of the Mc Millan Cancer trust. 

I found that Will made everyone seem so comfortable whilst shooting. The pictures look incredible, he managed to capture every special moment there was! I am so grateful.
— Milly

A cake, coffee and tea sale was held with a huge amount of people coming and donating. Milly raised over £300 pounds just from people's donations and her aim was to raise people's awareness. It was a hugely successful, enjoyable and memorable event and I am glad to be able to say that I was there as the photographer to capture it.

"My aim for the day was to try and make as much money as possible and raise lots of awareness to young people, as I don't think many of us are fully aware of the tragedies that are happening around us on a daily basis. Cancer is something that is very close to my heart and is something that everyone will most likely experience at some point in their life. I saw an advert on TV about a MacMillan coffee morning and thought why wouldn't I do it, there is nothing stopping me and it would help so many people come to terms and deal with cancer" - Milly Carter -

Below is some of the best shots from the day.

- The Final Shots -