Spain 2018 - Best Shots

Again this year I traveled to Spain over summer after my exams to see my family, cousins and shoot tons of images.

This year, I shot a ton of different things, event, portraits, a few mini photo series and also some street photography for the first time. Below I will post some of the best images that I caputred and if you would like to see all the images from each specific shoot, I will be following this post up shortly with some of the shoots with all the images and a bit about them..

Stay tuned for all the blog posts coming soon with all the images from each shoot and some more information about each one!

Im Back!


As mentioned in my previous post, I have been away for the last couple weeks on holidays in Spain and also at a few festivals to celebrate the end of my GCSE's and thus there has been such a lack of pots both on the website, and on some of my social pages. But, I have still been shooting like crazy I promise and, I am now in the process of sorting out all the images from this 10-week summer, editing them all and sending them out to family, clients etc.

So, therefore I am happy to be able to say that I will now have lots of new images, projects, blog posts and even tutorials coming soon as I begin editing. Be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye on all the new images and blog posts that will be popping up on my social pages and the website!

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A Short Break

I will be going to Spain over the summer holidays and, whilst I will be shooting lots and working with other companies, I will not have any internet or my computer to edit and keep the website updated. 

There will not be any new updates on the website or blog until I am back on the 20th of august so please bear with. Once I am back and have edited the files, expect lots of new updates with new images and what I got up to over the summer.



Redland Green School Prom 2018

Last year for our year 10 sports dinner, I made a short fun video with some friends which went down really well on youtube. As a result, for this years year 11 prom I did the same thing and we made another short skit.

Similarly to last year, I filmed simply on my phone as it is more convenient and worked well as this year we did not end up having much time to film as we were in such a rush to get there but overall I am happy with the fun short video. Take a look! 

Have you seen last years video?

- Prom 2018 - 

What did you think of this video?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2018

I was lucky enough this year to be able to attend the finalist gallery at the 2018 Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Years in the Mall Galleries in London. I have entred this compeition twice before in previous years but was never able to finish first from the finalsts. I entered my images 3 minutes before the dead line and was lucky enough to be short listed and tehn make it into the top 3! 

- How I shot my images -

All the images from the shoot were shot in my kitchen. I had brainstomred and planned a few ideas and then experimetned and spent an entire day shooting to trying different shots and looks. I came up withe about 10 images that I broke down to my final 3 images that I would enter. Most of the shots were actually shot very simply. For example the winning image was set up on a A2 peice of card that I curved up as a backdrop and then lit with a beauty dish and a reflector. 

- Three Final Images I Entered -  

This year my image "Finishing Touches" was awarded first place in the 14-17 category! It was a fantastic experience and I am glad I got to meet so many other inspiring creatives and be surrounded by others peoples amazing work. Fingers crossed for next years competition!

Here are a few images from the day -

Find out more -

If you would like to know more about the compeitiion either get in touch or have a look over on the competition wesbite and entere next years competition yourself!

Summer 2017 Video Now Out!

I am finally proud to say that after some issues with copyrighted music and viewing restrictions I was able to release and upload this summers edit from my time in Spain. I was overall really happy with the results and am happy to be able to showcase it.

If you would like to see the video I will add a link to the youtube video below. Be sure to subsribe and let me know if you enjoy the videos or would perhaps like to see more!

Shooting Film for the first time!

I have never really shot film or been confident with shooting film. I have limited to no knowledge regarding film processes but despite all this, I was determined to explore and give it a go to try something new. 

The film camera I used was actually very modern, it almost felt like cheating! It was given to me by a family friend who said they had found it lying around and it had autofocus and an exposure meter which made my life much easier.

Shooting film is definitely a different experience from what I'm used to and it was certainly one  I enjoyed. I actually shot the film over a period of about 6 months just picking it up whenever I felt necessary which meant I had a variety of images many of which id forgotten about. Shooting film is tricky in the sense that you never know what you're going to get and/or even if the photo will be properly exposed which is where you have to trust your judgement as a photographer.

- The Final Images - 

Interview with Photography TV

Back in March, I got in contact with Paul Fontanelli via email asking if he would be interested to have a chat and possibly do an interview about what it is like being a young creative etc and to my surprise, later on, I got a reply saying he loved the idea and would be delighted to!

Paul has just begun his Youtube Channel Photography TV and has interviewed many other photographers such as

- Lee Morris, Nick Page, Thomas Heaton and David Hurley to name a few. My aim when going into the interview was to talk a bit about my story when starting out and try to help others in my position. Overall it was a really great experience and I can't wait to work with Pail in the future.

Here is the video be sure to have a watch and I hope you can learn something.


Leo Molyneux "Extra Hours" BTS

If you haven't seen the original post I made talking about the shoot and my initial idea etc, you can click here to check it out first before watching the short BTS video.

Original post -

- Behind the scenes - 

This is a short video where I take you BTS and you can see how I filmed certain shots and how they look on camera!

Redland Green School - Winter Theme Photography Competition

Back in November, we released the RGS winter photo competition and now the results are in and the judges have decided the winner. A huge thank you to everyone who has entered the competition, the quality of images entered by students was incredible! 

1st Place Winner-

A huge congratulations to Thomas Ormsby who was voted by the judges as first place winner in this terms photo competition! The judges said they love the low vantage point of the leaves and the atmosphere in the image od the image. Congratulations!

- 3 Runners Up -

Lulu Watts

Lulu Watts showed the judges their photographic talent with this stunning snowscape which placed as our first runner up. A very tough decision for me and the judges! Congratulations.

Nathan Cartlidge 

This image entered by Nathan Cartridge won itself a place as a runner place because the judges love the quality and colours of the image.


Stefan Henney 

Our final runner up chosen was Stefan Henney who's image impressed the judges with its wintery feel and intresting depth. 

Winter #1b.jpg

Another thank you to everyone to entered the competition including, 

Emily Spence

Stefan Henney 

Dominic Fonseka 

Nathan Cartlidge 

Lulu Watts 

Tomas Ormsby

Below is a gallery of the shortlisted images and the images entered. Have a look through and put who you think ahs the strongest image in the comments below! 

- Shortlist images and all Entrants - 

- People's Choice -

Do you agree or disagree with the judge's decision? What was your favourite shot? Let me know by commenting below!

100 Follower Print Sale! - Thank You!

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Back from Spain!

I have recently just arrived back from Spain where I spent 6 weeks spending time with family and shooting as much as I could wherever, whenever. 

I shot everything from portraits to Astrophotography and am very happy with the results 

I will be updating the galleries and my social media pages with lots of new content so make sure you stay tuned so you don't miss a thing and if you are not already, follow me on my social pages.I will also be posting blog posts where I will go into more detail about certain shots that I did. I will talk about how I planned and shot to get the images I was looking for. 



Below is a gallery with a selection of the best images that I shot over summer. I hope you enjoy!

Summer Valladolid 2016 




Prints and Canvases store live!

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Will Lindsay-Perez 




100 Strangers 100 Stories Begins - Photo Project

I have recently begun a new photo project called " 100 Strangers 100 Stories " where I am challenging myself to start a photo project where I ask strangers and people i've never met if I can take there photo and also learn a bit about them.

I feel like this project will help me hugely, as it will make me more comfortable around people for future photo shoots.

Follow along as I update the page regularly with new strangers and new stories!

Click the link at the top and that will take you to the page, if that does not work it is on the title page of the website,