Interview with Photography TV

Back in March, I got in contact with Paul Fontanelli via email asking if he would be interested to have a chat and possibly do an interview about what it is like being a young creative etc and to my surprise, later on, I got a reply saying he loved the idea and would be delighted to!

Paul has just begun his Youtube Channel Photography TV and has interviewed many other photographers such as

- Lee Morris, Nick Page, Thomas Heaton and David Hurley to name a few. My aim when going into the interview was to talk a bit about my story when starting out and try to help others in my position. Overall it was a really great experience and I can't wait to work with Pail in the future.

Here is the video be sure to have a watch and I hope you can learn something.


Spain Summer 2017

For the majority of this summer, I was in Spain, Valladolid spending time with cousins, family and friends. Whilst I was there I also shot a ton of images from shoots, personal projects and videos. 

- Quick Tip - 

Push yourself to get out and shoo , if you have the time not every shoot you do has to be paid take time to do simple shoots to practise ideas and looks. 

This summer I noticed that I whilst I try to stay as open as possible to shoot all types of things, I mainly drifted towards shooting portraits and the majority of my ideas for images focused around a portrait idea or look. I did a ton of shots when I was there and also branched out into working with people who were not relatives in Spain and that way I could adapt to working and shooting in Spanish.

Below I am going to leave a gallery of some of the best images I shot this summer! Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you think of the images 

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Tom Rendall Pt Troop Bristol

This was the Second Shoot that I did for PT Troop who are building their new website and are taking their business to the next level by building their online presence. 

I was briefed a few days before the shoot and I began thinking as to what type of images I was going to take. I shot two days after on Wednesday and arrived at about 4:30pm to set up for the portraits.

I wanted to capture the trainers looking smiley and approachable and overall I am quite happy with the results from the day. 

- The Final images - 

Tom Rendal - PT Troop Personal Training Bristol

- Who are PT Troop? -

PT Troop is a group of personal trainers who offer a variety of activities from indoor gym training and weight loss to outdoor circuits and group activities. Having personally been trained by PT troop founder Tom Rendall in the past, I was delighted and eager to help him capture the hardworking and positive atmosphere they create. 

- The Shoots -

- Quick tip - 

I tried to shoot many of the exercise images wide to make the images look more dramatic. You can do this when shooting to try and make people or objects look larger. 

On the first day of the shoot, I arrived early morning on to begin shooting some of the first sessions of the day in the gym. We chose a day where we could have the biggest variety of types of sessions possible. I wanted to try and capture the trainers interacting and the hardworking yet positive atmosphere of the day. The lighting in the gym was varied and harsh throughout and subsequently, I ended up shooting with reflected flash for many of the shots. The day after the shoot, I got up early morning again to shoot the outdoor group sessions on the downs. 

Overall, the shoots went very well and I am happy with the given lighting and space.

- The Final Images -


- Why not promote your event or business the right way, with stunning photography covering every moment you remember? -

Urban Portrait Shoot - Lucy and Issy

We both really enjoyed the shoot with Will. He made everything feel so relaxed and comfortable despite our nerves beforehand. Will is extremely easy to work with and produced brilliant pictures.

This was a shoot I arranged as I wanted to get out and get some new images and try some new techniques and overall, I ended up getting some of my favorite portraits to date! I had gone out before the shoot and had planned a series of locations around Bristol harbor side. I asked two freinds of mine if they would help out and model for me.

- The Models - 

- Quick Tip -

Using Prisms or prism paper and holding it up to the lens can help give unique colors and effects to your images.

- The Final Images -

Overall, I am really really happy with the images from the shoots as I tired few techniques and tried to focus on trying new and different poses and used small sheets of prism paper to create interesting techniques.

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V + C Wedding 28th May 2017

Vickie and Clive first reached out to me in early February regarding their wedding details. Whilst I knew it would be a tough job to take on my first official wedding, I was eager to get started. I first met Vickie and Clive in March where we met and chatted over a coffee.

- Quick Tip - 

Know what you know/don't and be prepared for the day. Scout out the location before hand and contact other photographers with questions.

Knowing this would be my first official wedding, of course, made me nervous as I had only had limited wedding experiences, however, I did everything possible to prepare myself and gain tips from other wedding photographers to make sure felt confident on the day. 

- The Wedding Day -

I was only needed for about 4/5hours on the day but ended up being there a bit longer as I wanted to arrive a bit earlier to be ready. Having arrived at 2, I finished shooting at about 8/9 and overall the day went very smoothly. Having spoken with Vickie and Clive before hand, they told me, and I got the impression that the images they wanted were to be more natural and candid so throughout the day I tried to get the posed images for groups and of Vickie and Clive done first so I could focus more on what they wanted.

Below is a gallery with some of the best images from the day!

- The Final Images - 

- What Ive Learnt Overall - 

Overall, I am very happy with the images I took but here are a few things I learnt and will take on into future events! 

- Don't shoot under 1/250th of a second with a telephoto lens as it is not sharp 

- Be assertive and reassuring when directing big large groups

- Don't be afraid to use flash in certain situations.

Do you have a wedding coming up soon? Id love to be a part and hear more! Lets chat!

Leo Molyneux "Extra Hours" BTS

If you haven't seen the original post I made talking about the shoot and my initial idea etc, you can click here to check it out first before watching the short BTS video.

Original post -

- Behind the scenes - 

This is a short video where I take you BTS and you can see how I filmed certain shots and how they look on camera!

Extra Hours - Leo Molyneux Short Film

- The initial idea - 

had had this idea a few weeks ago from speaking to my friend (Leo M) in a PE video as we thought up this cool idea and had not been able to get the idea out of my head since. I kept getting new ideas for shots and wanted to shoot it as soon as possible.

I had quite a few things to get sorted such as timings, gear, lighting and a venue. Whilst it took me a while to find a venue which was cheap, had the right light and was available, I eventually managed to book out Ashton court Sports Center Sports Hall which ended up being perfect and just what I was looking for,

- Leo Molyneux -

I and Leo are good friends and we actually ended up thinking up this idea during a PE lesson. Leo is a County U15's basketball player and is a very talented basketball player. It was fun to think up these cool shots and plan out each move. I had created a shot list mentally and knew how I wanted each shot to roughly look when we got to film. 

- Editing and Filming -

Quick Tip! 

When shooting video, using a skateboard can help simulate smooth slider shots but id possible, use soft long board wheels for better results!. 

Most of the shots were filmed with the Sigma 20mm ART which I hired so get some really nice wide shots on the shoot. I also used a simple caddie and skateboard to try and get the most stable shots possible and then when in post, stabilised the footage where I could. In post, my job was tough, as finding the right music and timing it all together, 

 . Whilst I am fairly new to video and still have much to learn, overall, I am very happy with how the shoot turned out and I can't wait to perhaps start a project from this or continue to experiment with video and see what I can create. 

- The Final Video - 

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Rimell Pond Interiors Commercial Portrait Shoot -

This shoot was aimed to capture some images of Camilla and Linda working which they could then put on the website and also to capture a few stock images that could be used as backgrounds. They both have recently begun their own brand called Rimmel Pond and I tried to help out by capturing these images. 

Their website has gone live this week! Click the button below to have a look around or drop them a message saying you came from here!  

Here are a few of the images I took that day, enjoy!

Outdoor Urban Portrait Shoot

The shoot was a surprise for me by my friends; at first, I was nervous, but I became comfortable very quickly and got into it, which was mainly due to how friendly and welcoming Will was. We went to places that I never knew about, which as coll becuase I got to know the city more whilst doing it. The pictures turned out amazing and will is such a talented photorgapher!
— Hettie - Model

This shoot was one that as arranged to be a surprise portrait shoot for a groups of girls friend as a birthday present. We arranged to meet by the harbour side and begin the shoot there. Our locations were based around the centre of Bristol and I went out before the shoot to prepare and pre plan some of the looks for the images. On the day the weather was a bit sunny which was tough to work with however we managed to find locations that took us out of the sun.The surprise went really well and overall the model was pleased with photos.

- Quick Tip

Always bring a reflector or diffuser with you on a shoot as shooting in direct sunlight is tough to work with and creates harsh highlights on the models face. have your assistant shadow the models face or if you do not have a diffuser, shoot int eh shadows!

Blue Bell Woods Portrait Shoot

This was a paid shoot I did over half term and i decided to use the woods as our location as the blue bells were in perfect season. I chose prior woods as our shooting location and arrived two hours before the shoot to scout locations for the shoot. 

I really enjoyed having my photos taken by Will. He made me feel at ease straight away with his warm and friendly approach. He made me laugh a lot and was very professional. My Mum and I are both really pleased with the results! Thank you Will. Best of luck in your path, you are very talented, polite and pleasant to work with and we enjoyed meeting you.
— Tally (model) and Maryam (Mother)

- The Final Images - 

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Outdoor Street Portrait Photoshoot

This was a shoot I did with a group of friends as I wanted to get out and find locations and shoot to get some new images whilst I had time. I had gone out a few weeks before to scout locations for the shoot but also used new places that we thought looked interesting whilst walking about.

- The Models -

We shot around Bristol City centre near Park Street. It was an overcast day with a bit of sun which provided us with perfect light meaning the only light modifier I had to use was a reflector to add a little extra boost in the images. 

- The Final Images - 

Sony A9 released - Specs and first impressions

The new Sony A9

Sony has blown other camera manufacturers out the water recently with there variety of camera lineups that push the verge of technology. Now, they have just announced their new addition the A series the Sony A9.

Sony again has produced another camera that is state of the art and ludicrously fast. With a new 24.2, MP full-frame stacked Exmor RS image sensor, a shatteringly fast 20fps electronic shutter and in-camera 4K recording abilities, the A9 packs a punch.

- Sony A9 Full Specifications -

Sony A9 5-Axis IS

Sony A9 has 693 phase detection Af points

Sony A9 has 693 phase detection Af points

  • 24.2 MP full-frame stacked Exmor RS image sensor
  • 20fps shooting ability with AF
  • 5-axis in body image stabilisation with effectiveness equivalent to 5.0-stop 
  • ISO range 50 - 51200 (expandable to 204800)
  • 693 phase detection AF points (93 VF coverage)
  • 1/32,000 max shutter speed 
  • 2 SD card slots 
  • Full Frame 4K in camera recording
  • `touch screen LCD (only tilting)
  • New batteries ( 2,2x better than previous)
  • High-resolution 3.6 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Enhanced Eye AF
  • Water and dust resistance 
  • High-speed BIONZ X image processing engine

Sony A9 new batteries (In vertical grip sold apart) 


- My Thoughts on the new Sony A9 -

Sony A9 Image processor 

The new Sony A9 is going to be a game changer in my opinion in the camera industry as manufacturers like Nikon and Canon fail to regularly adapt and update their cameras with newer, improved technology.  Whilst I have never shot on a Sony body, these specs alone would make any photographer consider jumping ship to Sony.

The 693 Af points allow for pin sharp focus and Sonys focusing system is rated extremely highly. Alongside this, the in-body stabilisation allows for smooth video and slower shutter speeds but also the use of lenses with no IS. Whilst many people have seen the problem with the A line up to be the battery life, Sony has said to have of increased battery performance in the new A9 by 2.2x. And finally, at 20fps, the A9 is crazy fast. Put that with the no blackout and constant AF, this camera is going to pop for photographers that shoot a lot of action. 

I think the A9 is a huge step for Sony as they have crushed the market with their cameras that push camera technology to the limit. This blazingly fast camera allows photographers to push the limits of their creativity and it is crazy to see how technology in photography adapts and changes. This camera almost seems too good to be true and is a huge step forwards for Sony.

- Release Date and Price -

The Sony A9 has been said to be released in May for around £3500 which if you compare to other high-End bodies like the Nikon D5 and Canon 1Dx which tend to sell at around £5000, this camera seems like a lot of bang for your buck.

What do you guys think of this camera ? its a real game changer! 

Want more like of this, check out my review of the Sigma 50-100 1.8 HSM Art lens? Click below to check it out.



Channel 4 Work - One Born Every Minute

Back at the beginning of March, I worked with Channel 4 as my part of my work experience to experience the BTS of a TV production and to also capture some images for the crew. On the day, the team were working on a new smaller series from the well-known programme 'One Born Every Minute'. in this new series, parents and children that were previously on One Born, come back and watch the birth again to see their reaction whilst remembering the day. 

On this shoot, I was told to capture images similar to my work experience back in March, but also to shoot images that could be sent to radio times and other news outlets when the show is released on social media. 

Overall, the shoot went really well, it was an amazing day and a great experience to be around other creative minded people. 

- Channel 4, Final images - 

Redland Green Enrichment - Term 3

This was my Final Term of shooting for my school RGS with the aim of documenting a wide variety of images that show students working together and a variety of activities. It has been an amazing experience to work around and with the students and watch my images and the scheme progress. 

We approached Will having seen the quality of his photos, thought he could help us capture a new venture at school, our Enrichment Curriculum. We set Will the task of trying to epitomise the culture, creativity and energy of this new afternoon. He demonstrated the ability to be a superb self-starter, confident in his understanding of photography and with the skill of really putting people at ease he has captured some of the most genuine and captivating photos.
— Louise Blundell - Deputy Head RGS

-  Final Images  -