Portrait Shoots

Powder Paint Photo Shoot -

I have had the idea to do a shoot like this for a very long time and have done shoots similar to this in the past with flour and fire but, I wanted to try a similar technique with lots more colour.

Will was easy to work with and overall it was a fun, creative and exciting shoot.
— Caston

This shoot was in a way build up to a big shoot with lots of people that I have planned and I wanted to try and see what worked and what didn't in this shoot so that I can improve it before the final shoot.

We began the shoot with some of the shots on a skateboard as that as one separate idea that I had thought of but towards the end we switched and focused on the colour portraits. 

- The Models -

- Quick Tip -

When shooting these kinds of situations, with smoke, flour or powder paint in the shot, use a speed light to backlight the powder so that it pops more from the model and is brighter. It can also help define the edges of the models face a bit more.

I bought 12 packs of bright neon coloured powder paint and mixed them with a bit of regular flour to dilute it a bit. I had two people throw the powder from behind the model so that it gave an explosive look behind their heads. 


Autumnal Portrait Shoot -

Shot on the 8th of October

This shoot was a shoot I did just to practise some composition techniques and just to get out and practise shooting to get some colourful portraits. 

Autumn is one my favourite times of year to shoot portraits, the light and colours are just perfect and in this shoot, I wanted to use those factors to get some stunning images.

- The Models -

My light modifiers in this shoot were simply a white and silver 110cm Neewer reflector and a diffuser. In the day of the shoot, the light was mixed between cloudy and harsh light so every now and then I would have to use my diffuser to soften the highlights on the models face. 

- Tips for Composing your Portraits -

One of the most important things to Understand that can lead to stunning portraits, light and expression aside, is composition.

When shooting, I look for these three things that can help create a visually pleasing and successful composition.

Leading Lines- Look for lines when shooting and use them in your shot to draw into your subject. This can be as simple as a wall, bench or railing.

The Rule Of Thirds - The Rule Of Thirds is also a key and very effective composition technique. By composing your image with the key part of it near/ in one of the 4 crosses, the eye is drawn into the key part of the image more.

Top Third -  When shooting a portrait that focuses a lot on the model's expression and face, you should try and place your model's eyes just above the centre line of the image to create a more flattering portrait.

- The Final Shots -

Below is a gallery including some of the best shots from the day.

Studio Head Shots With Scarlett -

I wanted to try a new lighting technique in this shoot. I wanted to try a new and different style of lighting with only two lights ( strobe and a speed light. I am still relatively new to shooting with studio lights, however, I wanted to try and shoot some shallow depth of field headshots at >F/2.5 with just the eyes sharp and the rest of the image falling away.

- The Model - 

- Quick Tip -

When lighting a model, try and avoid long shadows across the face as it can distort the face. Keep your shadows soft and if you can fill them in with a reflector to get a nicer look.

I shot a two light set up for this shoot, My key light was a Godox DE300 strobe with a beauty dish and a honeycomb grid up in front of the model and I placed my fill light (Speedlight) light on the floor in front of the model to fill in some of the shadows formed under her nose and neck.

I found that when shooting at F/2.5 and lower it is so easy to move and miss focus off of the eyes. When shooting that low of an aperture you have such a thin line of focus that even things like the model breathing or any camera movement could throw it out of focus. If I was to shoot again next time I would definitely use a tripod.

- The Final Shots -

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Studio Strobe Light Shoot

I recently was looking for something that would take my portraits to the next level as I have usually only shot my portrait shots with natural light and a reflector. I invested in a basic studio light ( Bowens DE300 and a 42cm Bowens beauty dish )l so that I could learn more about portraiture in studio and lighting techniques. 

- The First Shoot - 

After playing around a bit with the light and getting used to setting it up, I wanted to use it in a real world situation so that I could try different techniques and lighting to learn more about studio strobes and beauty lighting techniques. I have shot once before with studio lights over the summer and I instantly fell in love there are so many ways you can change the mood and look of a shot just one light that the creative possibilities are endless

- The Model -

- Quick Tip! -

Key light = the main source of light usually frontal or to the side.

Fill = A light that is used to fill in shadows usually created by the key light.

Hair/Key light = A light that is used to define the edges of the face or hair separating the from the model and the background.


I shot the majority of the shoot with two lights and a fill. the key light being the strobe with a beauty dish  a speed light as my rim light that I used to define the model's cheek bones and jaw line and then my fill was 32' white soft reflector.

I tried quite a few different lighting techniques the main one having the beauty dish above and behind me looking down on the model with my reflector as fill in the shadows under the nose and  neck.

This is a technique that works really well with the beauty dish because of the definition that the light gives on the model's face. With a soft white reflector as a fill light, the shadows from the beauty dish are not as harsh giving a classic beauty look. You can see in this comparison gallery the difference of the shadows n the nose when the light is placed above and at 45 degrees.

I then placed a Speed light on a tripod behind Amy to try and really define her cheekbones and separate her from the backdrop.



Below is a gallery of some of the final shots from the shoot with Amy, I am looking forward to doing more shoots with strobe lights in the future and showing you guys the results. Stay Tuned!

- The Final Shots -

 I hope you enjoyed! leave a comment and a like below telling me what you think and make sure to go over to my social links to see more of the photos!




The Fish Markets Shoot

Shot on the 27th of August-

The shoot began at 6:30am in the south of Spain in Huelva. It was a half an hour walk to where I had to go to see the fishermen loading their boats before sunrise.

My goal for the shoot was to tell a small photo story of the fishermen's life and them loading their boats and taking them out to collect their nets that had all their fish in it. Then after that, the fish is taken into the market to be sold early in the morning. 

When I arrived on location at the beach I caught the first of the fishermen starting the engines and pushing their boats out to sea. I wanted to arrive a bit before the sunrise so that as I began to shoot the light would be warm and soft but I had no luck as the light from the sunrise was mostly covered by haze and clouds meaning I had to shoot at very high ISOs for the first part of the shoot.

click to see the full size image!

- Quick Tip -

When shooting at high ISOs and dark light if your lens is struggling to focus in  darkness, switch it into manual focus and place a small light on your subject to get your focus locked in!

By 7:15 the boats were out and the fishermen were out of view. I had an hour to kill on the beach before they would come back and unload the fish. 8;00 am and the sun was up and as the boats came in I was ready waiting to get the shots of them coming in. They unloaded the boats and spend hours carefully untangling the fish fro the nets and placing them into buckets to be taken to the market 

Once I arrived at the market at 9:00 I started shooting and was trying to get a shot of when they cut up the fish and start shouting to draw attention to their stands. I got low and shot wide trying to make the fish and workers look a bit bigger.

Overall, It was a very fun and challenging shoot, I f you would like to see all of the images, head on over to this gallery,

Portrait Shoot with Mo

I shot this in my back lane behind my house for a friend of mine who wanted some photos. I wanted to try and use the lane and a have very shallow depth of field to really push back and blow out the background. It was a very quick and simple shoot so that he could have some photo to put online.

It was a cloudy day with spots of the sunshine so all I really used was a reflector as I had no one hold a diffuser even though it was barely needed throughout the shoot. I also used a speedlight with a small octagon just to soften some of the fill light in the shots.


I also wanted to try a new technique in some of the photos of shooting all the way open at f/1.8 with just the eyes in focus. Focusing with such a thing line of focus and still getting good tac sharp was results was challenging but this is still a technique I can't wait to use again.

Quick tip

When shooting at such a shallow depth of field, the majority of the time there may be too much light hitting the sensor especially if you are stuck behind your flash sync speed of 1/250th. A way of counteracting this is by using an ND filter. What an ND filter does, depending on its strength (1 = low 10 = high) is that It will cut down the amount of light that hits the sensor. In these images, I only used a 4 stop ND which was more than enough to still be able to see and still have the right exposure settings to get the photo I wanted. 

The final images.

Below is a gallery of the majority of the images from the shoot. Enjoy.


If you would like a photo shoot like this please feel more than welcome to contact me I am more than happy to answer any of you questions.

Urban Shoot with Jack Tomkins

Sunday 12th June 2016

Two days ago a friend of mine Jack Tomkins contacted me to arrange a photo shoot for him. My initial ideas were to use some of the spots I had used in the past for my photo shoots and go use those as they would give an urban look and feel to the final images.

On the day of the shoot, it was sunny with a few clouds so the lighting changed very quickly from overcast and soft light to sunny with hard shadows but to compensate, I used a diffuser and a reflector. 

- The Model -

Overall the shoot went very well I got the shots that I had in mind and I was very happy with the results.

The final shots 

Below is a gallery of the majority of the shots from the shoot. Feel free to contact me to arrange a photo shoot if you are interested in a portrait shoot. For more details visit the about page.

Outdoor Portrait Shoot - Anya, Niamh and Ruby.

Sunday 23rd may 2016

This is a very quick recent shoot that I was asked to do for three friends. I didn't have any initial ideas before the shoot and considering this, It went very well.

Our first location was in a car park on the top floor, there were some nice railing on the side that I would be able to use as leading lines towards the models. The light on the roof, however, was very harsh it was a sunny and cloudy day so I used a diffuser and reflector to help soften the light.

Our second location was In a small park that we found. It was partially in shade and had very nice, even grass and vibrant colours that were very nice to shoot with. We incorporated flowers into the shoot to give some of the photos a summer look. Again, the reflector was the only light adaptor used.

-The Models-

-The Final Shots-

Below is a gallery of the majority of the final shots from the shoot.




Blue Bell Shoot - Leigh Woods .

Saturday 7th May 2016

Blue Bell Shoot 

This was a shoot that I had been wanting to do for a very long time now, but I had to wait for a time that blue bells were in season as they were the key point of what I would base this shoot around.

I already had a few rough ideas in my head as to what the shots would look like, but for the most part of the shoot we just walked through the woods and found locations that we thought would look good to shoot in.

We shot in Leigh Woods. I had heard and seen that there were lots of blue bells there and it wasn't too far for any of us to get there. Fortunately we got lucky with the weather, as although it had been raining all day before the shoot, it was meant to clear up and luckily, it did. I wanted to shoot in the late afternoon at about 5 o'clock so that the light would be softer. This worked very well meaning that the only light modifiers I really had to use were reflectors and a diffuser to avoid harsh shadows.

-The Models-

-The Final Shots-

Overall, the shoot went very well and the shots that I had in mind came out nicely. Below are the majority of the images from the shoot. 

The Mirror Shoot

Tuesday 6th April 2016

The Initial Idea 

The idea originally came from a shot that I took In summer (Under Best of the Best Gallery), However, I wanted to elaborate on the idea and try something different with the same idea. 

I started by thinking of how I could apply the same concept of the illusion but with a more elaborate shot. I decided to try the shot with more than one mirror, kind of like a group shot . I started off with wanting to have 5 mirrors and people for the shoot so that the composition would not be even or symmetrical however,  I only used 4 in the final image.


After I had thought through the ideas, I had to scout a location that had the appropriate lighting and crucially, the right type of background that would help pull off the illusion. I finally found a location that I thought would work and wasn't too far away. We waited for 4 weeks until the weather was right and a day that everyone was available.

- The Models -


Creating the Illusion 

To create the illusion with the mirrors, I had to find the correct background and then once the shoot was finished the local adjustments in post to the images In Adobe Lightroom, I Put the files into photoshop and began cloning the background into the mirror and replacing the mirrors reflection bit by bit making sure that it lined up to the background to give the illusion. The shots below are the single shots I took before attempting the group shot. I shot these at 1/80 F.9 ISO 125 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 ).




Overall, the editing planning and shooting probably took a total of 13 hours from start to finish and a very success full shoot overall.


The Final Shot 

The Mirror Shoot                                                                                                                                                                         1/50, ISO 125 , F.14 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 )

Fire Skateboarding

Sunday 13th and Tuesday 15th of Match 2016 

Our plan was to finish with a image that looked bright vibrant and stunning. It was originally and idea that was just thought on the walk back from school we had done a shoot similar with flour and coloured chalk but we wanted to see if this would work.

On the first day we mainly focused on seeing what could go wrong and just practicing the shot with flour and paint before lighting. We lit the board by coating the top and bottom half in 96% alcohol, The second time, we used pure acetone and nail polish remover mixed. 

A very fun and challenging shoot with Henry Sweet and Eddie Crammer.