The Clifton Club House - P & U Wedding

Peter and Uma first reached out to me in early 2018 and we began quickly began chatting about their plans for their special day in September. They kindly invited me into their home where i met them both for the first time and we discussed what they were looking for as-well as talking about how I like to shoot to ensure the best experience for them on the day!

After speaking with peter and Uma they said that they would be more interested in was the candid and non posed style if documentary photography and that whilst they still did want the classic bride and groom posed shots which is great as my style when shooting is very relaxed and non invasive meaning they can almost forget about the camera at times and really enjoy the day.

The wedding was booked for the 8th of September and it was taking place at the Clifton Club House in Clifton, Bristol and after getting the details off Peter and Uma, I got in touch in Uma and Peters wedding manager Sarah and arranged a date to visit the venue and chat with her about how the day was planned. This was great as it allowed me to ensure I was sure of when I could do my group shots and ensure that I could be ready to capture every key moment on the day.

The day went great, I arrived at 1 o’clock an hour before the guests arrived so that I could get some nice shots of the wedding preparations and I was there shooting until about 11:30. it was a pleasure to meet and cant with all the guests and to be a part of Uma and Peters special day.

Below are some of the best shots from the day! Enjoy

- The Final Images -

Underfall Yard - Surprise Birthday

Jamie is my local barber and he first told about his plans for Jack (his partner)’s birthday party early in in the year. it sounded amazing! Jamie was planning a big weekend of dinners and surprises for Jack whilst secretly inviting down all of his family from Cornwall.

- Underfall Yard Bristol -

I asked Will to photograph my husbands surprise 30th Birthday Party and was not disappointed, he concerns himself with attention to detail and professionalism and this filled me with confidence. They’re the kind of photos you don’t just leave on a memory stick or device but you print and display in your home. As a hair stylist, I frequently work at weddings and therefore with a lot of talented photographers. The qualities that make Will special are that he’s genuinely polite, kind and attentive. You’ll feel at ease whilst he’s quietly capturing natural, stunning images of your special occasion.
— Jamie & Jack

For me, when shooting surprise birthday parties and events, the venue is really important. Having enough space and light can make my job when shooting much much easier so therefore I like to head down prior to the shoot to have a look around or just before guest arrive.

The parry was great, the guest had a great time and it was a pleasure to spend the evening capturing the surprise and all the great moments! I must say a huge thank you to all the guests who were so welcoming and toJack and Jamie for letting me be a part of their evening as the photographer, it was great!

Below are a few of the final images from the day.

- Final Images -

Rebecca and Gareth Suprise Birthday Party -

Saturday 24th March 2018

This shoot was arranged back in March 2017 and thankfully somehow Rebecca and all those going managed to keep it a secret until the big day! As a surprise for her husband Gareth, she had arranged a surprise (Not 40th) birthday party with friends and family. I was lucky enough to be asked to be the photographer for the afternoon and I was aiming to capture all the smiles and laughter from the day.

William was absolutely professional and very discrete during my husband’s birthday party. He was able to put our guests at ease by being respectful of their space during the celebrations but managed to take some beautiful shots. He organised us well for a group photo and his family portraits were stunning. I have had feedback from guests about his charming disposition and we cannot fault his presence at the event - he became part of the party without being invasive. I would heartily recommend William’s services for any event in future!
— Rebecca Harris

This was my first every "surprise" shoot which meant I had to be sure  I was ready for the arrival so I could get that emotive reaction I was looking for just as he entered. I also set up a small "photobooth" against a white wall so that the parents could get photos together or with the kids as it can always be a bit of fun to have some arranged shots as well as the documentative candid shots in my opinion. 

My main struggle on the day was lighting, working in a big open space with a mix of outdoor and indoor lighting meant I was working at a high ISO but also trying to compensate with a slightly slower shutter speed than I should have had. The church was also very big which meant I couldn't use a ceiling or walls to bounce the flash off of, however, despite this, I was still able to capture the shots I just underexposed slightly knowing I would be able to bring it back in post
Overall, it was a lovely event which I am glad I was a part of any document. A huge thank you to everyone who was there for being so welcoming and a thank you of course to Gareth and Rebecca for being kind and helpful! 

Below are the images from the day. Enjoy!

- Final Images -

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Event Birthday Photography

This shoot was a family surprise birthday party - It was a quick shoot which I shot simply with the 50mm and my old 1100D which allowed me to focus more on capturing the moment. 

Enjoy the images!

- Final Images - 

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V + C Wedding 28th May 2017

Vickie and Clive first reached out to me in early February regarding their wedding details. Whilst I knew it would be a tough job to take on my first official wedding, I was eager to get started. I first met Vickie and Clive in March where we met and chatted over a coffee.

- Quick Tip - 

Know what you know/don't and be prepared for the day. Scout out the location before hand and contact other photographers with questions.

Knowing this would be my first official wedding, of course, made me nervous as I had only had limited wedding experiences, however, I did everything possible to prepare myself and gain tips from other wedding photographers to make sure felt confident on the day. 

- The Wedding Day -

I was only needed for about 4/5hours on the day but ended up being there a bit longer as I wanted to arrive a bit earlier to be ready. Having arrived at 2, I finished shooting at about 8/9 and overall the day went very smoothly. Having spoken with Vickie and Clive before hand, they told me, and I got the impression that the images they wanted were to be more natural and candid so throughout the day I tried to get the posed images for groups and of Vickie and Clive done first so I could focus more on what they wanted.

Below is a gallery with some of the best images from the day!

- The Final Images - 

- What Ive Learnt Overall - 

Overall, I am very happy with the images I took but here are a few things I learnt and will take on into future events! 

- Don't shoot under 1/250th of a second with a telephoto lens as it is not sharp 

- Be assertive and reassuring when directing big large groups

- Don't be afraid to use flash in certain situations.

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Channel 4 Work - One Born Every Minute

Back at the beginning of March, I worked with Channel 4 as my part of my work experience to experience the BTS of a TV production and to also capture some images for the crew. On the day, the team were working on a new smaller series from the well-known programme 'One Born Every Minute'. in this new series, parents and children that were previously on One Born, come back and watch the birth again to see their reaction whilst remembering the day. 

On this shoot, I was told to capture images similar to my work experience back in March, but also to shoot images that could be sent to radio times and other news outlets when the show is released on social media. 

Overall, the shoot went really well, it was an amazing day and a great experience to be around other creative minded people. 

- Channel 4, Final images - 

Redland Green Enrichment - Term 3

This was my Final Term of shooting for my school RGS with the aim of documenting a wide variety of images that show students working together and a variety of activities. It has been an amazing experience to work around and with the students and watch my images and the scheme progress. 

We approached Will having seen the quality of his photos, thought he could help us capture a new venture at school, our Enrichment Curriculum. We set Will the task of trying to epitomise the culture, creativity and energy of this new afternoon. He demonstrated the ability to be a superb self-starter, confident in his understanding of photography and with the skill of really putting people at ease he has captured some of the most genuine and captivating photos.
— Louise Blundell - Deputy Head RGS

-  Final Images  -

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Work Experience - One Born Every Minute, Channel 4

I have a family friend who works for Channel 4 as executive producer and, after reaching out to many other businesses and photographer with no luck, he gave me the opportunity to come down on a shoot and see the BTS on how a TV production is made.

As well as gaining experience and working with the crew asking lots of questions, they also asked me to shoot some photos of the crew whilst at work so that they could have them in the office. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and one I hope to do again very soon! 

Here are some of the images from the day.

Redland Green School Enrichment - Term 2


Over the course of this year, I have been working with my school and documenting the new "enrichment scheme" that has been put into place for students". My periods for shooting are split into 6 sections for each term and so far I have shot 2.

It has been really interesting and fun working with and around the school, students and staff challenging myself to capture creative and story telling images.

- The Events and Activities - 

RGS did an amazing job in creating a huge range of activities which I was lucky enough to be able to shoot. 

Golden Oldies -

Golden Oldies is an activity where a group of students go to a local retirement and spend time with some of the residents. It was really nice to spend time with people who had such amazing stories and were very interested in what I was doing! The lighting where I was shooting was even and soft meaning that my only main focus was on creating images that would show the students talking and having fun with the residents.

- Bouldering

Bouldering is one of the most active activities that students are offered with. We would go down to Bristol Clip n Climb and the Students would begin climbing according to their different strengths and abilities. Whilst shooting, it was interesting to find different angles and vantage points from where I would be able to get some creative shots.

- Quick Tip -

When shooting climbing, get all the way above your subject  and shoot down on them. This can really help you to get close to your subject and show focus. 

I had never shot climbing before and I definitely learnt a lot from shooting this activity. The lighting wasn't great and shooting above and down a wall is definitely an angle that I'd never thought about before but worked really well.


School Activities 

Alongside the off-site activities, I also wanted to document some of the many activities that took place in school. Some of the activities that I shot included, 

Young Enterprise -

Food For A Fiver -

Martial Arts -

Forensic Sciences -

Gardening -

Art and views from the school -

Below are a selection of the best photos from across al the activities- Enjoy!

- The Final Shots -

MacMillan Cancer Charity event-

Shot on 1st October 2016

I was recently hired to shoot a charity fundraising event that was set up with the aim to raise money in support of the Mc Millan Cancer trust. 

I found that Will made everyone seem so comfortable whilst shooting. The pictures look incredible, he managed to capture every special moment there was! I am so grateful.
— Milly

A cake, coffee and tea sale was held with a huge amount of people coming and donating. Milly raised over £300 pounds just from people's donations and her aim was to raise people's awareness. It was a hugely successful, enjoyable and memorable event and I am glad to be able to say that I was there as the photographer to capture it.

"My aim for the day was to try and make as much money as possible and raise lots of awareness to young people, as I don't think many of us are fully aware of the tragedies that are happening around us on a daily basis. Cancer is something that is very close to my heart and is something that everyone will most likely experience at some point in their life. I saw an advert on TV about a MacMillan coffee morning and thought why wouldn't I do it, there is nothing stopping me and it would help so many people come to terms and deal with cancer" - Milly Carter -

Below is some of the best shots from the day.

- The Final Shots -




The Drum Shoot

This is a shoot I had planned to get a photo to print for a music teacher at my school who is leaving at the end of this year. Mrs Dixon who used to be a wedding photographer has helped me hugely with my photography, giving me ideas, tips and all the help I could ask for. 

As a thank you for all her help throughout the year, I wanted to give her a print that she could take with her when she left. However, I wanted to try and make the print a bit more personal for her.

- The Initial Ideas -

Being a music teacher and a drummer, I had a phew ideas to try and incorporate something along those lines and I wanted to challenge myself to create a shot that loooked different, meant something personally to her and stood out.

My first idea was to try and get a big stage with long rows of seats and have the drum kit in centre stage lit by one main stage light. I would stand at the back of the seats and shoot wide with the seats the foreground leading you into the drum kit giving it a very dramatic look and feel. However after calling many theatres and halls there was nowhere that would have the time or space to pull off the kind of shot that I had in mind.

Quick Tip!

Shooting heights angles

When thinking of ideas for new shots try and take into account what kind of a feel you want your image to have. By using different angles that the human eye dosen't usually see can be a good way to draw the eye in to the image and make whoever is looking at it stop and think more about the image. 

Change of plans. I still wanted to use the idea of the drum kit and the stage but my second idea involved being above the drum kit shooting vertically down. I wanted to try and get a different angle that you wouldn't usually see to make the shot look unique and different and to try and shoot in a way that I had never done before. 



- Planning & Shooting -

Now that I had the idea of what I wanted the shot to look like and how I would roughly shoot it, all I needed was to find a location. I tried theatre after theatre and a few halls to see if they would let me use their space but they all said no and that the idea seemed too ambitious. Finally, I asked Mr Mighall the drama teacher at my school about what I was trying to do and he thought the idea was great and said he'd be more than happy to help me.

The school has a small stage that can be put out and as for getting above to look directly down onto the drum kit they also had a crane that they would be able to get out and place in front of the stage. As for lighting, I just used the stage main lights to lit up the scene with a bit of fill flash on the other side of the stage. 

Although I wasn't allowed to personally be up on the crane due to health and safety, Mr Mighall was up at the top of the crane and to make sure It was directly under I had the camera on a monopod that he held out over the stage. To see what I was shooting, I had my camera connected via WIFI to an Ipad so I could see compose and shoot. I mainly just exposure to what I thought would be correct as it was quite dark so I did my main exposure settings before sending the camera up. 

Retouching and Post 

In post, my main job was to get all the proportions looking right as when shooting from above and wide it is very difficult to get everything in line and straight especially over WIFI shooting. Below here you can see about 4 hours of post as I tried to get the proportions looking right and I also lit up parts of the kit so that they popped off the stage more.

Below you can see the Original out of camera image and my Final Image after about 4 and a half hours of proportion fixing.

- The Final Shots -

Overall the shoot went very well and I give thanks to everyone who helped me pull off this shot.

Giving the images over to Mrs Dixon couldn't have gone any better they looked absolutely stunning on print, she loved the prints and was amazing to me to see how an image that has some kind of a meaning to someone can be so much better.


Below is the two Final images that I had printed as 12 x 18 prints for her



Camping - Devon

I recently went camping for a weekend with some friends and family. I had a very good time and got some nice photographs. I had a couple ideas in mind of the shots. I really wanted to challenge myself and get a photograph of the milky way however on the two nights I was there it was the full moon so chances of seeing it was very slim. I also tried out some steel wool and light painting techniques for a bit of practice and fun. I would have loved to have more time to get some more photographs and landscapes.

Below is a gallery of the majority of the shots from the shoot. Enjoy.


This is a shoot I did for some friends very quickly of the newborn 6-week old group of puppies that my friend's mums dog had just had.

It was a very quick and fun shoot and was good practice as I had never taken photos of puppies/animals before. I'd love to do something similar again soon and practise again to see if I can get even better shots.

Below is a gallery of the images from the shoot and the short film I made for the Owner of the dog to have as a thank you for letting me photograph the pups.