photo shoot

Autumnal Portrait Shoot -

Shot on the 8th of October

This shoot was a shoot I did just to practise some composition techniques and just to get out and practise shooting to get some colourful portraits. 

Autumn is one my favourite times of year to shoot portraits, the light and colours are just perfect and in this shoot, I wanted to use those factors to get some stunning images.

- The Models -

My light modifiers in this shoot were simply a white and silver 110cm Neewer reflector and a diffuser. In the day of the shoot, the light was mixed between cloudy and harsh light so every now and then I would have to use my diffuser to soften the highlights on the models face. 

- Tips for Composing your Portraits -

One of the most important things to Understand that can lead to stunning portraits, light and expression aside, is composition.

When shooting, I look for these three things that can help create a visually pleasing and successful composition.

Leading Lines- Look for lines when shooting and use them in your shot to draw into your subject. This can be as simple as a wall, bench or railing.

The Rule Of Thirds - The Rule Of Thirds is also a key and very effective composition technique. By composing your image with the key part of it near/ in one of the 4 crosses, the eye is drawn into the key part of the image more.

Top Third -  When shooting a portrait that focuses a lot on the model's expression and face, you should try and place your model's eyes just above the centre line of the image to create a more flattering portrait.

- The Final Shots -

Below is a gallery including some of the best shots from the day.