The Mirror Shoot

Tuesday 6th April 2016

The Initial Idea 

The idea originally came from a shot that I took In summer (Under Best of the Best Gallery), However, I wanted to elaborate on the idea and try something different with the same idea. 

I started by thinking of how I could apply the same concept of the illusion but with a more elaborate shot. I decided to try the shot with more than one mirror, kind of like a group shot . I started off with wanting to have 5 mirrors and people for the shoot so that the composition would not be even or symmetrical however,  I only used 4 in the final image.


After I had thought through the ideas, I had to scout a location that had the appropriate lighting and crucially, the right type of background that would help pull off the illusion. I finally found a location that I thought would work and wasn't too far away. We waited for 4 weeks until the weather was right and a day that everyone was available.

- The Models -


Creating the Illusion 

To create the illusion with the mirrors, I had to find the correct background and then once the shoot was finished the local adjustments in post to the images In Adobe Lightroom, I Put the files into photoshop and began cloning the background into the mirror and replacing the mirrors reflection bit by bit making sure that it lined up to the background to give the illusion. The shots below are the single shots I took before attempting the group shot. I shot these at 1/80 F.9 ISO 125 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 ).




Overall, the editing planning and shooting probably took a total of 13 hours from start to finish and a very success full shoot overall.


The Final Shot 

The Mirror Shoot                                                                                                                                                                         1/50, ISO 125 , F.14 ( Cannon 70D 50mm 1.8 )