The Fish Markets Shoot

Shot on the 27th of August-

The shoot began at 6:30am in the south of Spain in Huelva. It was a half an hour walk to where I had to go to see the fishermen loading their boats before sunrise.

My goal for the shoot was to tell a small photo story of the fishermen's life and them loading their boats and taking them out to collect their nets that had all their fish in it. Then after that, the fish is taken into the market to be sold early in the morning. 

When I arrived on location at the beach I caught the first of the fishermen starting the engines and pushing their boats out to sea. I wanted to arrive a bit before the sunrise so that as I began to shoot the light would be warm and soft but I had no luck as the light from the sunrise was mostly covered by haze and clouds meaning I had to shoot at very high ISOs for the first part of the shoot.

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- Quick Tip -

When shooting at high ISOs and dark light if your lens is struggling to focus in  darkness, switch it into manual focus and place a small light on your subject to get your focus locked in!

By 7:15 the boats were out and the fishermen were out of view. I had an hour to kill on the beach before they would come back and unload the fish. 8;00 am and the sun was up and as the boats came in I was ready waiting to get the shots of them coming in. They unloaded the boats and spend hours carefully untangling the fish fro the nets and placing them into buckets to be taken to the market 

Once I arrived at the market at 9:00 I started shooting and was trying to get a shot of when they cut up the fish and start shouting to draw attention to their stands. I got low and shot wide trying to make the fish and workers look a bit bigger.

Overall, It was a very fun and challenging shoot, I f you would like to see all of the images, head on over to this gallery,