Powder Paint Photo Shoot -

I have had the idea to do a shoot like this for a very long time and have done shoots similar to this in the past with flour and fire but, I wanted to try a similar technique with lots more colour.

Will was easy to work with and overall it was a fun, creative and exciting shoot.
— Caston

This shoot was in a way build up to a big shoot with lots of people that I have planned and I wanted to try and see what worked and what didn't in this shoot so that I can improve it before the final shoot.

We began the shoot with some of the shots on a skateboard as that as one separate idea that I had thought of but towards the end we switched and focused on the colour portraits. 

- The Models -

- Quick Tip -

When shooting these kinds of situations, with smoke, flour or powder paint in the shot, use a speed light to backlight the powder so that it pops more from the model and is brighter. It can also help define the edges of the models face a bit more.

I bought 12 packs of bright neon coloured powder paint and mixed them with a bit of regular flour to dilute it a bit. I had two people throw the powder from behind the model so that it gave an explosive look behind their heads. 


Outdoor Portrait Shoot - Anya, Niamh and Ruby.

Sunday 23rd may 2016

This is a very quick recent shoot that I was asked to do for three friends. I didn't have any initial ideas before the shoot and considering this, It went very well.

Our first location was in a car park on the top floor, there were some nice railing on the side that I would be able to use as leading lines towards the models. The light on the roof, however, was very harsh it was a sunny and cloudy day so I used a diffuser and reflector to help soften the light.

Our second location was In a small park that we found. It was partially in shade and had very nice, even grass and vibrant colours that were very nice to shoot with. We incorporated flowers into the shoot to give some of the photos a summer look. Again, the reflector was the only light adaptor used.

-The Models-

-The Final Shots-

Below is a gallery of the majority of the final shots from the shoot.