Studio Head Shots With Scarlett -

I wanted to try a new lighting technique in this shoot. I wanted to try a new and different style of lighting with only two lights ( strobe and a speed light. I am still relatively new to shooting with studio lights, however, I wanted to try and shoot some shallow depth of field headshots at >F/2.5 with just the eyes sharp and the rest of the image falling away.

- The Model - 

- Quick Tip -

When lighting a model, try and avoid long shadows across the face as it can distort the face. Keep your shadows soft and if you can fill them in with a reflector to get a nicer look.

I shot a two light set up for this shoot, My key light was a Godox DE300 strobe with a beauty dish and a honeycomb grid up in front of the model and I placed my fill light (Speedlight) light on the floor in front of the model to fill in some of the shadows formed under her nose and neck.

I found that when shooting at F/2.5 and lower it is so easy to move and miss focus off of the eyes. When shooting that low of an aperture you have such a thin line of focus that even things like the model breathing or any camera movement could throw it out of focus. If I was to shoot again next time I would definitely use a tripod.

- The Final Shots -

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