Portrait Shoot with Mo

I shot this in my back lane behind my house for a friend of mine who wanted some photos. I wanted to try and use the lane and a have very shallow depth of field to really push back and blow out the background. It was a very quick and simple shoot so that he could have some photo to put online.

It was a cloudy day with spots of the sunshine so all I really used was a reflector as I had no one hold a diffuser even though it was barely needed throughout the shoot. I also used a speedlight with a small octagon just to soften some of the fill light in the shots.


I also wanted to try a new technique in some of the photos of shooting all the way open at f/1.8 with just the eyes in focus. Focusing with such a thing line of focus and still getting good tac sharp was results was challenging but this is still a technique I can't wait to use again.

Quick tip

When shooting at such a shallow depth of field, the majority of the time there may be too much light hitting the sensor especially if you are stuck behind your flash sync speed of 1/250th. A way of counteracting this is by using an ND filter. What an ND filter does, depending on its strength (1 = low 10 = high) is that It will cut down the amount of light that hits the sensor. In these images, I only used a 4 stop ND which was more than enough to still be able to see and still have the right exposure settings to get the photo I wanted. 

The final images.

Below is a gallery of the majority of the images from the shoot. Enjoy.


If you would like a photo shoot like this please feel more than welcome to contact me I am more than happy to answer any of you questions.