Outdoor Portrait Shoot - Anya and Poppy

I enjoyed the shoot not only because the images turned out really well but because will was easy to work with and made it an enjoyable eperience overall!
— Anya Wheatley

I recently was hired to do a shoot for some friends of mine and we decided on an indoor type shoot with one or two shots outside. My initial idea was to do some shots inside in a kitchen and then move out to a cafe and outdoors where we would shoot some different styled shots. 

This was also my first shoot with my new Sigma 50-100 F1.8 lens so it was interesting to challenge myself and see  how it performed in a real world situation!

- The Models -

- Quick tip -

When shooting with models, make sure you are relaxed, fun and help them with posing. By being confident behind the camera your models will feel more comfortable resulting in better images!  

It was a very dark and rainy day on the shoot meaning I had to push the camera to high ISO's, low apertures and slightly slower shutter speeds than usual. However, overall, the shoot was very fun and the images turned out great Anya and poppy were a pleasure to work with .

- The Final Shots -

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