Powder Paint Photo Shoot -

I have had the idea to do a shoot like this for a very long time and have done shoots similar to this in the past with flour and fire but, I wanted to try a similar technique with lots more colour.

Will was easy to work with and overall it was a fun, creative and exciting shoot.
— Caston

This shoot was in a way build up to a big shoot with lots of people that I have planned and I wanted to try and see what worked and what didn't in this shoot so that I can improve it before the final shoot.

We began the shoot with some of the shots on a skateboard as that as one separate idea that I had thought of but towards the end we switched and focused on the colour portraits. 

- The Models -

- Quick Tip -

When shooting these kinds of situations, with smoke, flour or powder paint in the shot, use a speed light to backlight the powder so that it pops more from the model and is brighter. It can also help define the edges of the models face a bit more.

I bought 12 packs of bright neon coloured powder paint and mixed them with a bit of regular flour to dilute it a bit. I had two people throw the powder from behind the model so that it gave an explosive look behind their heads.