Expert Self Care Student Health App - Promotion Video

6 months ago, I became the official photographer and video producer for Expert Self Care team. I have been working with them over the last few months helping create an app promotion video that would showcase how the app is used, how it can work and be beneficial to those who use it. 

- What is ESC Student? -

ESC Student is an app that is designed with students in mind but contains information that is useful even when you have left school or university. It gives detailed and reliable information about common health conditions we are all likely to experience from time to time. The app explains the symptoms, warning signs and how to treat it. All in one, simple to use app.  

“Will created a fabulous promotional video for a student health app, and it’s been a huge pleasure working with him. Apart from bringing a huge amount of energy, creativity and photographic skill to the project, he was hard-working, conscientious and paid strong attention to detail. In addition, he communicated well, was extremely responsive to our needs and suggestions. If you’re looking for an excellent and able photographer, I can strongly recommend Will.
— Knut Schroeder, GP and Founder & Director, Expert Self Care Ltd"

Whilst I do not tend to shoot as much video, I knew I could challenge myself to create something that would fit the project specifications and would showcase the app clearly. I had meetings and briefs at the start of the project that talked about what they were looking for and also some alternative ideas. I also met with them further into the shoot so that we could talk about what I had done so far and what they would like to change, move or reshoot.

Simplicity was one of the main things we wanted to show with this promotion video, we wanted to show how the app can be used effectively wherever and whenever but also discreetly if need be.


- The Final Video -

Overall, I could not be prouder to say that I am part of the team for ESC, being a part of the team and being able to help them promote the app by creating a promotion video has been a great experience and one that I have learnt so much from.

I absolutely love feedback so let me know in the comments below or via email what you think! If you have anything questions, be sure to get in touch.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say or need!

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